October 30th - ITV Pride of Britain





Please be at the corner of Marlborough Place and Loudoun Road, at the side entrance of The American School in London NW8 OLH 

Departure time: 14:30

PLEASE NOTE: The coach will not wait even one extra minute for any late choristers.  Please believe me. We have had choristers miss the entire event because they have arrived seconds after the coach has departed.  The coach will leave at 14:30 precisely, and if you are not on the coach, you will not be able to take part, which would be awful for everyone.



Please wear your entire, correct choir dress code to the coach :  black matte leather ballet shoes for girls, black slip-on plimsolls for boys.  Black, long-sleeved, crew-neck top.  Solid black skinny jeans, no fading. Black socks. 

****Every item of the dress code is mandatory- you will not be able to participate without it, even if you have an understandable reason.  It's not about a punishment or something like that...you simply need to have the same dress code as everybody else, as requested by the event organizers. Please double check that you have everything before you leave.

Please don't wear jewellry.  Hair can be worn however you like, but it is best to tie it back so that you won't fiddle with it.


The company’s coach fees for this event had been increased because of the long and late hours. However the company has very kindly offered to cover the difference on this occasion, so that the costs can still be split between the choristers  at £15 each. 

The £15 should be in a sealed envelope, with your name printed clearly on the envelope (so that you don’t get asked to pay twice). 

Each chorister will need to pay the full return fee of £15 before getting on the coach, otherwise we won't be able to cover the hire fee between us.


ITV will be providing food and drink for the choristers.  I don’t know exactly what food ITV are going to provide.

It is worth bringing a healthy non-messy snack (No popcorn), if there is anything particular you would like to eat, it’s worth bringing it yourself.  Please exercise common sense when choosing what food you want to bring - Please do not bring a vat of borscht or spaghetti bolognese as there is a chance we will be given white t-shirts to wear on top of our choir uniforms - We will also be in extremely close quarters so please don’t bring food that stinks or risks causing suffocation. 





***Please bring your signed contributor release form. (This needs to be downloaded from this morning's email, printed, and signed).   Every chorister who takes part will need to bring this, signed, in order to take part. 

I would suggest bringing a yoga mat or something similarly compact.  We will be in the waiting room for such a long time that it will seem like a long haul flight. We will need to treat our waiting room like a library, because some choristers will be studying for impending exams and there are adjacent rooms that will be occupied by hotel guests.  

 Please bring a book, puzzles…anything that you can do (quietly) during the long hours of waiting.  

Wear your precise dress code to the bus:  the top, the jeans, the shoes…THE SOCKS…



The backstage area needs to be private and relaxing for everyone taking part, we are just a small part of the evening.  For this reason, we have to keep the noise down and stay focused on why we're there. 

Here are the backstage rules:

* Do not talk when someone is speaking to the group, or if someone is speaking to Rachel in front of the group

*Whenever a "zero talking" time starts, don't finish your sentence - just go silent asap.

No taking photos or videos at all during the day. 

* No asking for photos or autographs. 

* If there are famous people around us, you will be expected to treat them politely and professionally - the same way you'll be expected to treat everyone else in the building.

* Please bring a book or quiet activity that will keep you from being bored in the dressing room. 

*Remember your manners:  be politerespectfulfriendly and cheerful to every single person you encounter - from the coach driver to the heroes who will be receiving the awards for their extraordinary achievements.

If someone holds the door open for you, or serves you a sandwich - remember to say "thank you".  Don't leave your rubbish on the floor...please throw it out yourself.  Usually when we do gigs, everyone mentions how well-behaved and friendly you all are...let's keep it up! 





PICK-UP/DROP-OFF POINT (on the corner of Marlborough Place and Loudoun Road)




14:20: Choir to meet at meeting point

14:30: Coach leaves for event 

16:00- 16:45 pm:  Soundcheck 

17:00:  Choir to dressing rooms

18:00:  Dinner Time

19:30: Choir to backstage

19:55:  Choir and HRH on stage 

20:00: Choir performance for HRH  

20:15:  Choir to dressing room

22 20:  Choir to stage

22:40:  Choir performance

23:00:  Bus departs with choir from Park Lane 



The Coach will depart from Park Lane at 23:00 and return to Marlborough Place, NW8 ONU. It is very hard for me to predict how long the journey will take, but it is unlikely we will be later than 23:30 pm.  We will return to the same meeting point as the morning:  Marlborough Place,  NW8. 

Choristers cannot be picked up from the venue.  Everyone has to return on the coach, together,  to Marlborough Place, NW8 . 


Please make sure that you send me your emergency contact phone number before Sunday. Send an email to admin@capitalchoir.com and  please put ONLY your emergency phone number (no need to add name) in the SUBJECT space so that I can see it without even opening the email.  Once again, Just your number. The venue is extremely safe…full of the best possible first aid and security…but I would still like to have every chorister’s emergency contact details on hand.  



ITV have asked me to make sure that none of the choristers or their families post anything on Twitter, facebook, instagram, etc. The choir's involvement at the Pride of Britain is meant to be a surprise. Please do not post on social media, and be careful about sharing details of the choir's performance outside of the choir.  A lot of effort has gone into the surprise element of our performance.