October 29th: NFL - Minnesota Vikings Vs Cleveland Browns





Please be at the corner of Marlborough Place and Loudoun Road, at the side entrance of The American School in London NW8 OLH 

Departure time: 08:10 (Come EARLY!!) 

PLEASE NOTE: The coach will not wait even one extra minute for any late choristers.  Please believe me. We have had choristers miss the entire event because they have arrived seconds after the coach has departed.  The coach will leave at 8:10 am precisely, and if you are not on the coach, you will not be able to take part, which would be awful for everyone.




1.  The precise choir dress code needs to be worn before getting on the coach. You will not be able to get on the coach, or participate at the event if any item of the dress code is missing, or incorrect.  Please refer to the dress code instructions.  Boys must wear solid black plimsolls. 

2. ** choristers will be outside  during the performance and soundcheck, and the weather might become colder on the day of the event.  Jackets cannot be worn on the field, so choristers are allowed to wear a black, thermal undershirt underneath their dress code - as long as it is hidden from view.. 





- Redwing’s coach hire for the day is £650 so each chorister will need to bring £15 for the return trip. 

- The £15 should be in a sealed envelope, with your name printed clearly on the envelope (so that you don’t get asked to pay twice). 

- Each chorister will need to pay the full return fee of £15, otherwise we won't be able to cover the hire fee between us.


US Anthem, English Anthem


- You can bring a healthy non-messy snack (No popcorn!) and bottle of water ….but only if you do not like American stadium food, such as:  hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, etc.  I will give each chorister a voucher to use at the food stalls. There will be water in the waiting room.


- A book, puzzles…anything that you can do (quietly) while we are in the waiting room between soundcheck and the performance. We will be using the time to run through our parts for the Pride of Britain, and I’ve also asked the outstanding soprano, Laura Wright, to come to our room and teach the choir some of her favourite warm ups. We will be busier than usual during the waiting time - but you should still bring something to keep yourself occupied.




- The kickoff is at 13:30 and we will go straight to the coach after singing the anthems.  It is very hard for me to predict how long the journey will take, but it is unlikely we will be later than 3:30 pm.  We will return to the same meeting point as the morning:  Marlborough Place,  NW8. 


Please make sure that you send me your emergency contact phone number before Sunday. Send an email to admin@capitalchoir.com and  please put ONLY your emergency phone number (no need to add name) in the SUBJECT space so that I can see it without even opening the email.  Once again, Just your number. The stadium is extremely safe…full of the best possible first aid and security…but I would still like to have every chorister’s emergency contact details on hand.