Gigs/Performances can sometimes occur on short notice, with very little time to prepare.  If you are interested in auditioning for gigs during the year, it is vital that you source each item of the dress code as soon as possible-  rather than risk leaving it until an unexpected performance opportunity that comes along. I have attached some photos of the correct dress code, along with suggestions on where you can find everything.  Each chorister needs to look identical, so please make sure that you have the correct items and not something that you might feel is "close enough".  The appearance of the choir is usually very important to event organizers, and the wrong dress code can be the difference between taking part at a gig, or not. If you are struggling to pay for the full or correct dress code, please contact Rachel so that she can find a solution:  there may be a chorister who has an extra pair of shoes, or top. I have attached a couple of photos to this page as a reference.

TOP:  solid black, long-sleeved, crew- neck tshirt.  Please make sure the sleeves come down close to your wrists, that there is no detailing at all on the shirt - no logos, coloured stitching, etc. and that it's solid black. The neck must be a simple crew-neck. The top must be identical to this:  marksandspecer.com

BOTTOM:  solid black skinny jeans.  No fading -otherwise please re-dye them to make sure they are black.  Make sure that the jeans appear a solid black colour underneath bright lights, or in daylight….and not navy blue.  The jeans should be skinny jeans with a snug, adherent fit;  They shouldn't be baggy/loose or leggings/jeggings. Most parents have found the black skinny jeans at Primark, H&M, Next, or The Gap. 

SOCKS:  long, solid black socks.  Not ankle socks. The socks should be worn under the skinny jeans, so that no flesh is seen. 

SHOES (Girls):  Girls:  plain black, leather (matte, not patent) ballet flats.  No straps, buckles, large bows, sparkles, embroidery, or quilting.  The shoes need to look identical to these:  marksandspencer.com

SHOES (Boys):  plain, solid black, slip-on plimsolls.  In the past, the boys were able to wear black school shoes or any black shoes...however, this sometimes led to some boys wearing trainers while others wore black boots and others wear formal black shoes.  The feedback at one of our gigs was that the boys needed to be uniform, just like the girls.  We think the best and cheapest solution is for boys to wear solid black, slip-on plimsolls.  Plimsolls can be found at a number of shops, and cost between £2-£7.  They can be found in the same section of the M&S shop and should look like these:  marksandspencer.com

I have attached a photo of a chorister wearing the top and jeans, and their shoes, for reference. You can also find photos of the choir wearing the dress code on our website, in various photos.