How to Audition 

  1. Please send a video of yourself singing the American National Anthem, all the way through, by memory. Please make sure you are not looking at lyrics on your computer screen, or glancing at them nearby.

  2. Please either sing it a cappella, starting on the D right above middle C…or sing it along with this YouTube link: (making sure you are heard clearly over the volume of the video)

  3. Please wear your dress code in the video, and make sure to film your shoes in close-up (clear) at the start of your video! Dress code details are here:

You can send your video anytime between now and midnight on 16 October. Please send your video using the specific WeTransfer instructions on this page - underneath “How To Submit”. Please do not use a phone app, or use a dropbox, etc. Please only use the free WeTransfer service.


How to Submit

Please use to send your videos. That way, you will automatically be notified via email (by WeTransfer) when your video arrives in our inbox, and again as soon as someone has downloaded/viewed it.  I won't be able to confirm receipt of every audition as it comes in, or again once I view it- so using WeTransfer will give you some reassurance that your audition has arrived safely! WeTransfer is also able to transfer huge files, unlike regular email.  You don't need to register or pay for anything. 

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to use a computer or laptop -  and NOT an iPhone app.  

* Simply go to:  

* You will likely see a homepage which gives you this option: "Take Me To Free".  Click on that.

* On the next screen, you should see a box on the left, inside which you only need to do 3 things:

1.  + Add your files
2.Type YOUR  email address (otherwise WeTransfer won't be able to send you a notification when I've downloaded your audition) 
3. Type MY email address, and perhaps Louise's, too, if you'd like to be extra careful:  or

If you notice your upload is taking an outrageous amount of time, try refreshing the page or just starting the process again after a minute.  The site occasionally gets bursts of heavy traffic. 



**If you have a cold or sore throat...don't worry about how you think your voice sounds, or about not being able to hit the high notes!! I already know that each of you can sing well enough - the audition email was only sent to choristers who I felt would be able to sing the songs, so that's YOU. I really need to see how much work you put into the songs on your own - and if you enjoy singing them!

Good luck everyone!

All the best,