How to Audition 

  1. Please send a video of yourself singing both songs by memory, all the way through: "All You Need Is Love" and "The Star Spangled Banner".  Please make sure you are not looking at lyrics on your computer screen!
  2. Please sing it on top of the MP3s that I sent to you last week from (All You Need Is Love and "starspangledbannergu")
  3. Please sing "All You Need Is Love" in your HIGH voice, or your head voice: an octave above John Lennon. This is what we have been doing in class. If the notes are too low for you to reach...that means you are in the wrong key and need to sing an octave higher. 
  4. Please wear your dress code in the video, and make sure to film your shoes in close-up (clear) at the start of your video! 

You can send your video anytime between now and Thursday evening.


How to Submit

Please use to send your videos. That way, you will automatically be notified via email (by WeTransfer) when your video arrives in the choir inbox, and again when it has been downloaded by me.

Then you won't have to worry about whether or not I have received it - becaue you'll be notified immediately by the file-sharing site. WeTransfer is also able to transfer huge files, unlike regular email. 

You can send your video anytime between now and Thursday evening.

**If you have a cold or sore throat...don't worry about how you think your voice sounds, or about not being able to hit the high notes!! I already know that each of you can sing well enough - the audition email was only sent to choristers who I felt would be able to sing the songs, so that's YOU. I really need to see how much work you put into the songs on your own - if you know all the notes in the melody, if you are counting the notes the way we did in class, if the songs are solidly memorized...and if you are confident and enjoy singing them!

Good luck everyone!

All the best,